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Our wedding was very much a DIY wedding. We did all of the baking, all of the decor, all of the signs, etc. When it came down to the "how" of the wedding, I was stuck. I had no idea how I was going to orchestrate a wedding and actually get married at the same time. So I contacted Rae. Rae was incredible! She helped me organize who was walking when, where best to seat couples, how to handle sticky family situations and how to organize the people part of the ceremony. She also coordinated the band, the photographer, the caterer and the venue staff. She turned all of my wedding pieces into one cohesive ceremony and reception. Rae is the epitome of true Southern Charm and absolute kindness. She was a joy to work with and I am so grateful to have had her help in my wedding!"

Michelle Able

So I got engaged, picked out the venue, catering, décor, music, etc. I thought I could do everything myself, but no, no I definitely could not. That’s where Rae came in, focused on the details, and made everything go so smoothly. She made time to see the venue before the rehearsal, just so she could plan for anything. She was at the rehearsal to help plan the flow of the ceremony. This helped so much. It seemed simple to pick out the music and wedding party, but there were so many details I didn’t think about. The reception would have just been us talking to guests for hours if it weren’t for her. She stayed on top of everything and told us when it was time to cut the cake, first dances, etc. I did not realize the importance of having an event planner, but I am so incredibly glad I had Rae. If I ever have another event to plan, Rae will be my first call.

Brooke Huff

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